Does the curve of your smile embarrass you?

Crooked teeth, protruding out of alignment, with spaces between them, or stained with unattractive dark shades, all these make you hesitate to raise your hand to your face whenever you smile. Regain confidence in your smile. A remarkable improvement can be quickly achieved with the help of veneers. They are an ideal way to change the shape and undesired color. We’re talking about thin layers of ceramic and porcelain prepared in the laboratory according to the mouth’s size and technically adjusted perfectly. Veneers have the appearance of natural teeth, they are durable, and quite aesthetic. Veneers enable an ideal smile without radical procedures.

When are veneers used?

Veneers are used to improve a series of cases such as:

Discolored teeth – there are various types of discolorations or demineralizations that create the appearance of stained teeth.

Teeth with cavities or surface damage – when a long-term solution is needed rather than what adhesive fillings (composite) can offer. Large fillings in the front teeth as a result of which the tooth changes color over the years. Short, small front teeth: some people may have a genetic predisposition to this tooth shape, but it can also occur as a result of a tooth fracture or wear on the occlusal surface due to grinding.

Teeth with spaces between them. Minor aesthetic orthodontic adjustments. How are they prepared? Two appointments are needed to realize the veneers. In the first part, a light preparation of the tooth surface is made followed by taking the mold.

Sometimes a whitening session may be needed when the tooth color is too dark. The actual veneer is attached in a separate procedure at the second appointment. A preliminary session is needed when the cases are complicated (or by the patient’s specific request), creating a wax model with the final appearance of the veneers.

Enjoy your new look!